The tao teh platform focuses on the authentic expression of creativity and individual style. It is based on the conviction that each human being not only feels the urge but also has the fundamental right to express their mind and personality freely through word, work and style. This is the political dimension of the tao teh platform: Beauty cannot exist without freedom; freedom is the source of everything beautiful.

tao teh – the name refers to the classic manual on the art of living, “Tao Teh Ching” by the ancient Chinese philosopher Laotse. It defies conventional thinking and underscores the importance of governing our own minds and of giving ourselves the freedom to think outside the box.

TALKS features outstanding creative people and their works.
Our BLOG features people who caught our interest, because they stuck out in one way or the other due to their appearance or their style – or both.
ARTS, our online gallery, presents works of selected artists whose works cannot be found elsewhere.

tao teh – created to inform and inspire.